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If you're new, please register with your WI username only. This is to better help keep track of who people are. Thank you.
(please note that if I do not recognise your username, you may be subject to having your registration deleted)

Before you register, please head over to Rules and Regs, and check out the thread on registering. Thanks.
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    Post by Admin on Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:57 am

    Please register with the same username you have on WI. This makes it easier to track who's on here, and makes it a lot safer. Even if you have a nickname on WI/don't like your username, to make life easier, use the same name.

    You may NOT register for this forum unless you are a member of the Homeschooler's Club on WI. That means you must be currently homeschooled. Exceptions are made if you have been on the club, and wish to stay, even while you go to regular school.

    Admin is not a computer. I cannot be on all the time. If you register when I'm not on, please be patient, and I will activate your account when I am on next. (Admin is the same person as BalletLove)

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